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Providing custom water solutions to optimize your hydro grow project to be consistent and profitable.

Having a good understanding of the basics of hydroponic growing, greenhouse production and medical cannabis cultivation can help growers maximize yield, quality and profits.


What we will provide to make your hydro grow project a success!

Controlling the profile of water used for grows can be just as important as many of the other technical procedures needed to ensure optimal results.  In order to control the exact proportion of plant specific minerals in the water, you must first remove the calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate present in tap or well water that are generally too large a molecular structure for plant roots to absorb efficiently. The most common and effective method to a "clean slate" is reverse osmosis. 



Medical Cannabis Growing

It is no secret that cannabis greenhouses are the way to go when it comes to cannabis growing. Together with providing the right growing environment, right climate control, right irrigation systems and the likes, choosing the right structure is critical since it will affect both your quality and your ROI.


Hydroponic Growing System

Hydroponics is an increasingly popular method of growing plants that uses a nutrient-rich solution with a water base, which means that soil isn't used at all in a hydroponics system. Instead, the roots of the plants are supported by such substances as peat moss, clay pellets, perlite, and rockwool.


How a Commercial Cultivation Facility Reverse Osmosis Systems Works

A majority of total dissolved solids (TDS) in untreated source water are made up of calcium and magnesium (also recognized as hardness), two beneficial minerals that are vital to the growth of plants. Although calcium and magnesium are necessary for plant growth, the calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate molecules typically found in source water are too large for plant roots to absorb efficiently. Therefore, these compounds need to be chelated (broken down) into a more usable form, requiring extra energy from the plants that would be better spent on reaching their full growth potential.

Adding chelated calcium and magnesium (as well as beneficial biologicals) to RO water is the most efficient and measurable way to give plants what they need to thrive.

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Will using pure water really affect my results?

Every properly controlled input has the potential to improve yields. Most nutrient manufacturer’s feed charts assume a base of pure water. By starting the feed formula with RO water, growers are able to dial in exactly what they feed their plants. For the serious hydro system professionals, the guesswork of what might be in the water should be eliminated.

Let us design your water purification system.

Pure water plays a crucial role as the basis for a proper and consistent nutrient formula for your hydroponic farming and medicinal cannabis growing. Rarely do professional cultivation facilities have high-quality water straight from the tap.

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Filtration Systems

Our filtration systems are designed for a variety of applications including chlorine reduction, iron filtration, neutralization, and particulate reduction. These systems are commonly used as pre-treatment to a softener or as a stand-alone system


Water Softeners

Our commercial water softeners treat city water supplies, well water systems, or surface water supplies.  These state-of-the-art systems with their advanced electronics can be incorporated in a multitude of configurations


Reverse Osmosis

These systems send contaminants and impurities, including heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, and large suspended particles, down the drain. Only the best water makes it through the filtration to your tap!

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